Motivationz Junior Sports Academy


We will cover the mental, spiritual, emotional and physical aspects of sports for our junior students. We use a holistic approach and look at all facets of a junior athlete’s development helping them to be the best they can be in their intermediate schooling years. Self awareness and self belief is paramount. We will also interweave the school values into each term as a theme.

  • Aimed at Year 7 - 11 sporting students
  • One hour per week
  • 4 terms of the year
  • Motivationz run the sessions in the school
  • User pay model: $120 per student per term

These areas will be covered over the 4 Term programme:


There will be key learnings for each term


Term One

Anaerobic and aerobic energy systems


Understanding basic principles of training, planning and prepping for non over training, planning for rest/relaxation as well as fun exercise to keep healthy

Term Two

Nutrition and sport psychology


What foods are best for me, analysing food content, being able to put together own nutritious snacks, understanding water and its role.

Sports Psychology:

Mental imagery/anxiety/visualisation/ coping strategies/ goal setting.

Term Three

Injury prevention and analysis

Sports Injury Prevention:

Top youth physiotherapist in for session, knowing how to stretch correctly, warm ups and warm downs, recovery

Coaches Eye Video Analysis:

 Have the ability to work one on one, and video analyse specialist sport chosen, give feedback. Set up for student to be able to self-critique for when they get older.

Term Four

Resilience Training:

Understanding the pressures, and how to overcome anxiety within the environment


Gratitude training, positive psychology, self-belief.

Our aim is to make it challenging, and have the variety in what we present to really engage the young athlete. We will work on themes each term, taking the core values of the school and intertwining them into the programme. There will also be one challenge per term for the students to do.

“When the student has completed this academy, they will be fitter ,faster, stronger and have a good understanding of the basic sporting principles. This will help them to be more equiped in pursuing their sporting dreams”

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