Motivationz Play
Motivationz Play
Motivationz Play

The Motivationz Play Approach:

The Motivationz play Programme reflects current thinking about effective teaching and learning in Physical Education

"Fundamental motor skills competence has been shown to influence students in many ways. Between the ages of 4 and 6 years, children are starting to develop their gross motor skills and enjoy a wide variety of activities. These are a specific set of skills that involve different body parts such as feet, legs, trunk, head, arms and hands.

Students who have achieved fundamental motor skill competence have been found to successfully participate in a range of sports and movement activities and maintain involvement during childhood and adolescence. Regular involvement in sport and movement activities lead to health-related physical fitness.

How students feel about themselves can be influenced by their physical skills.

Students who have achieved a fundamental motor skill competence have been found to perceive themselves as being competent, socially accepted and to have positive attitudes towards physical activity. In essence, fundamental motor skill competence assists in preparing students for a healthy lifestyle.

How We Deliver


This is an 5 - 10 weekly 30 minute structured programme delivered by professional, enthusiastic and dynamic coaches in the pre-school setting.

This games based approach requires students to explore, develop and use the skills of running, catching, throwing and kicking in order to take part in simple games.

Through exploring, developing and using each skill, students will develop an understanding of how they can explore, communicate and belong. These concepts reflect strands and goals of the Early Childhood Curriculum - Te Whariki.