Hi there


Thank you so much for an amazing 3 terms of netball.  Ella has enjoyed herself so much, she'd come 5 nights a week if she could! I love coming to watch too...I get impatient waiting for my turn in the carpool from Sumner! It is an absolute pleasure to see the way you work the girls hard but in a really positive way, and to see them responding to it so well.


I've seen huge improvement in Ella, in both her skills and her attitude/fight during games. She was really looking like a netballer at the end of the season.

Thanks again, and thanks to your whole team.  It is a great thing you have going on there!! 


Hi Marg and Team

Thanks so  so much for all the tuition this year. The Sumner crew have always been so enthusiastic to make it over to you guys on a Monday night. Only sickness and being out of town has stopped them coming. The girls have really enjoyed the sessions and have learned heaps. I love hearing their conversations in the car on the way home about what they did and what they found difficult. They are laughing and chatty and so in love with netball.

 Look forward to joining up again Term 1 next year. 

You guys have been great role models for our girls! Thanks again.

Have an awesome summer!



I wanted to thank you for running such a wonderful Rugby Academy in the holidays. 

My son George was on it in the second week, he's a year 7, and he had the most wonderful three days. He came home each & every day with so many things to share with us and his younger brother and we were thrilled to see how much he enjoyed his time with you guys. 

On the last day he was given a Crusaders beanie for being one of the most "dedicated" boys (I think) and he wore it with so much pride to the game here last night, it was really cool to see. 

So thank you very very much from George & myself and you will certainly be seeing him again, and probably his younger brother too,  when you next do this sort of thing.